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New T-Bells From TRX Cymbals

The TRX Cymbal Co. has introduced two new “T-Bells” effects cymbals. The 7˝ and 9˝ bells are large, extra-heavy bronze bells with a mirror-like finish that feature a clear, penetrating tone with a sharp attack and long sustain. While the…

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New DRK/BRT Hi-Hats from TRX Cymbals feature sonically-matched DRK bottom and BRT top hi-hat cymbals to produce bright, penetrating closed hi-hat sounds with fuller, more explosive open and half-open sounds. The pairs are available in 13, 14 and 15˝ models…

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Young Turks: Introducing TRX Cymbals

Blending the classic art of Turkish cymbal making with the contemporary tonal and performance characteristics demanded by today’s progressive players, the TRX Cymbal Co. is proud to announce the introduction and immediate availability of its handcrafted, premium-quality, Turkish-made cymbals. While…

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