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TRX High Contrast Cymbals

Contrast—the differences between high/low, soft/loud, fast/slow, short/long, dark/bright and other polar opposites— is an essential element in all forms of music. It is also the basis of a growing trend in drumming with more and more players applying the concept…

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TRX Introduces New Special Edition Series

Offering professional sound and appearance at a surprisingly affordable price, the Special Edition Series from TRX is a new class of cymbals for modern drummers of all ages and abilities. The handcrafted, hand-hammered, B20 Bronze cymbals feature a full, rich…

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New X-Series Cymbals from TRX

Since its debut in 2006, the TRX Cymbal Company has been dedicated to creating high-quality cymbals that meet the needs of today’s progressive drummers. TRX’s original DRK, MDM and BRT series offered the first multi-series system for achieving tonal consistency…

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