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New CRX By TRX: “Extreme Is The New Mainstream.”

Featuring a new range of high-quality, handcrafted yet affordable cymbals developed for a wide range of modern drummers, the TRX Cymbal Co. is proud to introduce CRX Cymbals. The exclusive series includes a full selection of Ride, Hi-Hat, Crash and Effects cymbals in three different tonal/performance categories: Classic, Rock and Xtreme.  CRX Cymbals are created from B20 bronze so all three series sound great in any combination or musical situation.

"CRX maintains the dark, medium, bright sonic spectrum along with the quality and consistency that remain the foundation of TRX at a more afordable price point,” explains TRX President David Levine. “While TRX Cymbals will continue to be the choice of many of today’s top professionals, we are confident that the sound and performance of CRX Cymbals will more than meet the needs of young drummers and part-time players.”

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