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Top LA Black Metal Drummer Jerry “Dross” Foltz Joins TRX Cymbals

The TRX Cymbal Co. is proud to announce the addition of extreme metal drummer Jerry “Dross” Foltz to its ever-expanding artist roster. In addition to being the much-respected drummer of Sothis, a Symphonic Black Metal band from Los Angeles, Dross is also the technical writer for Sick Drummer Magazine and owner of Black Static Recording Studios. An outgrowth of both Punk Rock and Metal, Black Metal developed throughout the 1980’s as an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music and is characterized by fast tempos, highly distorted guitars, blast beat drumming and unique song structure.

TRX also announced that, in addition to playing TRX Cymbals exclusively for his live and recorded performances, Dross will be working closely with the company as its Heavy Metal/Hardcore Artist Relations consultant. According to TRX, the drummer’s extensive experience and expertise in the Heavy Metal and Hardcore drumming communities will allow him to discover and develop endorsements with the progressive, young drummers that are proving themselves worthy of flying the TRX Cymbals banner.

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