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TRX Digital Cymbal Studio Features Hi-Def Samples Of TRX Cymbals

TRX_DCS-PackageThe TRX Cymbal Co. is proud to announce release of the TRX Digital Cymbal Studio (DCS), a groundbreaking new collection of Virtual Instruments featuring studio-quality samples of dozens of handcrafted TRX cymbals. Produced by Ample Libraries using state-of-the-art recording equipment, cutting-edge conversion software and proprietary production techniques, DCS is an expansion pack for Kontakt 4 and 5—  the industry-leading, industry-standard, sound replacement and enhancement plug-in from Native Instruments— and is intended for use in a variety of studio and live situations. TRX Digital Cymbal Studio incorporates these advanced technologies to allow greater control of the recording and performing processes while providing programmers, composers and engineers as well as drummers and other musicians with greater control of the creative process.

The TRX Digital Cymbal Studio includes a diverse yet complete collection of nearly 100 cymbal sounds from TRX’s popular Original and ICON series. Because each cymbal was custom-crafted by a master Turkish cymbalsmith and specifically selected for the project, DCS offers a unique palette of sounds that are refreshingly different both from commonly available acoustic instruments and previously available digital libraries. In order to allow the most dynamic, realistic musical performances, samples of multiple playing areas (bell, face, edge, etc.) are provided for each instrument.

The TRX Digital Cymbal Studio includes the following collections of TRX cymbal sounds:

Metal BRT 24˝ Ride, BRT 21˝ Ride, BRT 15˝ Hi-Hats, BRT 14˝ Hi-Hats, BRT 21˝ Crash, BRT 19˝ Crash, BRT 17˝ Crash, BRT 22˝ China, BRT 20˝ China, BRT 12˝ Splash, BRT 10˝ Splash Hardcore LTD 23˝ Crash -Ride, LTD 21˝ Crash -Ride, LTD 19˝ Crash-Ride, DRK/BRT 16˝ Hi-Hats, DRK/BRT 14˝ Hi-Hats, ALT 20˝ Crash, ALT 18˝ Crash, ALT 20˝ China, ALT 18˝ CHINA, T-BELL 09˝, T-BELL 07˝. Progressive ICON 22˝ Ride Heavy, ALT 21˝ Big-Bell Ride, LTD 15˝ Hi-Hats, LTD 14˝ Hi-Hats, ICON 20˝ Crash Heavy, ICON 19˝ Crash Medium, ICON 18˝ Crash Medium, ALT 18˝ China, LTD 19˝ China, ICON Stack #1, ICON Stack #2. Pop MDM 21˝ Ride, MDM 21˝ Crash-Ride, ALT 14˝ Hi-Hats, MDM 13˝ Hi-Hats, MDM 18˝ Crash, MDM 17˝ Crash, MDM 16˝ Crash, ALT 12˝ China, ALT 12˝ Splash, ALT 10˝ Splash, ALT 8˝ Splash. Urban ICON 21˝ Ride, ICON 20˝ RIDE, ICON 14˝ Hi-Hats, ICON 13˝ Hi-Hats, ICON 18˝ Crash Thin, ICON 17˝ Crash Thin, ICON 16˝ Crash Thin, ICON 18˝ Stacker, ICON 12˝ China, ICON 10˝ Splash, ICON 8˝ Splash. Vintage DRK 21˝ Ride, DRK 20˝ Crash-Ride, DRK 15˝ Hi-Hats, DRK 13˝ Hi-Hats, DRK 20˝ Crash, DRK 18˝ Crash, DRK 16˝ Crash, DRK 22˝ China, DRK 18˝ China, DRK 14˝ China, DRK 10˝ Splash. SFX Specialty cymbals such as T-Bells and Stacks as well as an assortment of cymbals tracked with brushes, mallets, filters and production effects.

The TRX Digital Cymbal Studio is downloadable in a single, comprehensive volume ($299.00 MSRP) or a selection of individual, genre-specific cymbal sets ($99.00 MSRP).

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